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RFID scanner/video wall –

• Project based content to be displayed on TV wall on manufacturing/aisle of exhibit (near neighboring demo exhibit space).

• May incorporate US Map to shop interactive locations of products.

• RFID scanner with artifacts to reside on counter that is existing. Currently used for additional storage – considering using a business card as a takeaway after scanning.

• Content will come from customer.

• TV wall/Artifacts/RFID scanner tech provided by Skyline.

• Example projects mentions – Veterans Memorial hospital, TWA hotel, Hard Rock Florida.


Water box display pedestal for XPS waterproof product –

• Waterbox with flowing water over product to show waterproof characteristics.


Heat lamp demo for white roofing membrane product -

• Soprema has white product, competitor uses grey or dark colors.

• Heat lamps to simulate sun.

• Digital Temperature readout to display temps on Soprema vs. Competitor product.


Literature Wall –

• Add or Update nearby callout button with email address to request literature.


Front of Exhibit (Towers) -

• Change graphic to include logo.


Demo space -

• Monitors in booth need to broadcast demo space activity.




Final Approval Oct 2019

Signoff/New Art for 2020 shows Nov 8, 2019

Ship to Skyline any products/AV needed for consolidation. Dec 2, 2019

Preview Interactive Elements at Skyline Trisource Dec 2019 (date TBD)


Skyline Trisource Exhibits 7635 Hub Parkway, Suite A

Cleveland, OH 44125 | Phone: 800.229.8600